- SkyeTek transforms RFID into networking technology enabling goods and assets to participate in a connected world. SkyeTek develops readers that serve as intelligent edge devices and software that binds policies to tagged items. By extending networks to the physical world, customers increase revenue through their ability to predict demand, prevent counterfeiting, and personalize user interactions. Based in Westminster, Colo., SkyeTek sells exclusively through OEMs, systems integrators, resellers, and distributors. 

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Product Information

M1-MiniSkyeModule™ M1-mini - Smaller than a US Quarter, the M1-Mini is the world's smallest, self-contained multi-protocol 13.56 MHz OEM module.  More...

M2SkyeModule™ M2 - industry's most secure multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs, was designed specifically for contactless financial transactions and encrypted authentication across a range of vertical markets.  More...

M4SkyeModule™ M4 - is a feature-rich, easy-to-use HF RFID reader module specially designed to serve three distinct market applications: product authentication, access control and contactless payment.  More...

M9SkyeModule™ M9 - a tiny ETSI compliant embedded UHF RFID reader module for OEMs, is a high performance, secure, power-efficient solution, embeddable in a broad range of products.  More...

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