Signal Transformer

- Signal Transformer offers a comprehensive line of world-class, off-the-shelf transformers, components, and inductors. We lead the 50-60 Hz transformer market in terms of sales, breadth of line, and inventory. Choose from printed-circuit (PC) and chassis-mount versions in a wide variety of domestic and international configurations. If you need a custom design, we'll help identify your requirements and develop the magnetics to meet your specific needs. More...

Printed-Circuit Mount: Ideal for a multitude of board-level power applications. Available in low-power/height-critical, split-bobbin, miniature, inherently/non-inherently limited, and triple-output versions.

Chassis Mount: Easy-to-use transformers offering economical, yet safe and effective packaging. Available in split-bobbin, inherently/non-inherently limited, and triple-output versions, and in power ranges from 2.4 VA to 3500 VA. UL, VDE, and CSA certified.

Supplemental Magnetics: Our conventional, rectifier power transformers, filter and dual chokes, step-up/step-down power isolation magnetics, and step-down auto transformers provide convenient adaptability with worldwide applications. Less...

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  • Dual Winding Inductors in SEPIC Converters
View10 minParts List
  • Surface Mount Wire Wound Inductors
5.0MB1.1MB10 minParts List

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Brochures and Catalogs

SMD Inductors At a Glance
Linear Transformers At a Glance
Agency Certification Brochure
Capabilities Brochure
Signal E-Catalog

Product Information

Caging Transformer: EMI Still An Important Design Issue
EMI getting to be more of a concern even for transformers, location and placement recommendations.

Controlling EMI in Transformers and Switch-Mode Supplies
Control EMI by proper design and layout strategies.

Isolation Transformers Increase Safety of Electronic Systems
Isolation Transformer use as an effective means of meeting safety requirement.

Prescribing Transformers for Medical Electronic Systems
In prescribing transformers for medical systems, awareness of requirements and proper transformer choice.

Specifying Transformers for Medical Applications
UL544 and IEC601-1 approvals and requirements to meet these standards.

Transformer Basics
Basic information about transformers, including terms, bobbin types, temperature ratings, laminate construction, and more.

Specifying the Proper Transformer
Safety agency requirements for transformers.

Understanding Transformer Standards At Home and Abroad
Safety agency standards and requirement and which to choose when selling transformer products Internationally.

Environmental Information

Lead Free Initiative and Elimination of Banned Substances
Bel Fuse Inc. and its subsidiaries commitment to the elimination of lead

Signal Transformer - RoHS Compliance
Declaration of RoHS compliance for Signal Transformer products
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More about Signal Transformer

The Bel family of products has provided innovative application specific solutions and unparalleled service to the electronics industry for more than 60 years.

Establishing the company as the world’s leader of wire wound magnetic solutions was the objective in 1959 it is a reality today.

Signal Transformer is celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. Our commitment to quality is noted by its in-house ISO 17025 certified lab that enables us to participate in the CSA's Supervised Manufacturing Testing & Certification (SMTC) program. This program makes possible to certify and use the CSA /cCSAus mark on new designs within days. Signal Transformer also maintains a certification and RoHS compliance.

A revolutionary idea brought to fruition by the founders of Signal Transformer standardized the power conversion industry. Before this revolution, even the most simplistic transformer components were procured through complex channels. By offering a multitude of readily available design platforms that could be selected from a catalog and ordered with one phone call, Signal forever transformed the world. Expanding on this revolution, Signal Transformer soon led the industry with custom tailored design solutions through direct engineering support.

Today Signal offers not only the most comprehensive line of certified standard power conversion products, with our vast engineering, manufacturing and regulatory resources; Signal Transformer excels in the design and manufacturer of cost effective, specialized platforms.

Commitment to Quality
Signal Transformer
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