- Panduit is a world-class manufacturer committed to innovation and excellence. We have continually lived up to that commitment with the help of superior people, the latest equipment and future-oriented management. More...

Today, Panduit is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for wiring and communications applications. We are also known for innovative products that offer maximum reliability at the lowest total installed cost. This reputation gives us a powerful advantage in today's competitive worldwide marketplace.

Through the years, Panduit has grown steadily, becoming an industry leader with 1997 sales approaching $400 million, 3,500 employees and more than two million square feet of facilities. Panduit has grown from its initial headquarters facility in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, IL, to multiple U.S. locations, as well as plants and sales subsidiaries throughout the world. Less...

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Panduit Electrical Solutions — Selecting the Proper Cable Tie
Link to or download a step-by-step guide to find the cable ties that best suit your application. This extensive guide includes a styles overview, features, benefits, and linked part numbers that go directly to Digi-Key's parts search module.

Adhesive Back Mounts and Devices
Cable Tie Color and Material
Pan-Lug™ Copper Compression Parallel Splices
Pan-Term® Terminals
Panduct® Wiring Duct

Documents of Interest

Hook & Loop Cable Ties Product Bulletin
Dome-Top® Barb Ty Cable Ties Product Bulletin
Pan-Term® Terminals, Ferrules, and Crimping Tools Product Bulletin
Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printers Product Bulletin
Turn-Tell® Labels Product Bulletin
Easy-Mark™ Labeling Software Product Bulletin
More about Panduit

Panduit is a world-class manufacturer committed to innovation and excellence. At Panduit, product quality and reliability are given the highest priority.

Panduit is committed to utilizing leading edge design and manufacturing technologies to provide the highest quality products to our customers. Panduit’s commitment to advanced R&D is second to none in our industry. Leading edge products and performance leadership require significant investment in product and manufacturing technology. Advanced analytical modeling and prototyping capabilities allow our experienced engineering teams to define the “state of the art”.

Panduit Corp.

Visual Product Guide
Cable Ties Cable Tie Mounts Terminals Labels/Printers
Cable Ties Cable Tie Mounts Terminals Labels/Printers
Heat Shrink/Abrassion Protection Tools Power Connectors Networking Components
Heat Shrink/
Abrassion Protection
Tools Power Connectors Networking Components

Cable Ties
Panduit offers the most complete selection of cable tie styles, sizes, materials and colors to meet our customers’ needs. Panduit cable ties bundle, mount, and identify in a variety indoor, outdoor, and harsh environment applications.

Cable Tie Mounts & Securing Devices
Panduit provides a comprehensive offering of cable accessories, engineered to speed installation and lower installed costs. Panduit cable accessories are designed and manufactured to meet applicable quality standards.

Panduit ® Pan-Term ® Terminals are designed and manufactured for fast assembly and reliable performance. Panduit provides an extensive line of tooling designed specifically to provide optimum performance.

Heat Shrink & Abrasion Protection
Panduit abrasion protection products provide an economical and easy way to insulate, protect, bundle and color-code components and cable. A wide variety of sizes and materials are available to meet a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications and meet applicable quality standards.

Power Connectors
Panduit® Pan-Lug™ Compression Connectors provide permanent terminations for a variety of power and grounding applications, with innovation, highest reliability, and lowest installed cost. Panduit offers the first and only copper compression lugs and splices that meet Network Equipment-Building Systems (NEBS) Level 3 requirements as tested by Telcordia Technologies.

Identification & Labeling Systems
Panduit is a global leader in reliable and innovative solutions for identification, including a full line of labeling products, software and printers to assist you with your labeling requirements. Products are engineered for a wide variety of industries and applications to enhance productivity, reliability, and value.

Installation Tools
Panduit manufactures a wide range of installation tools to meet your specific requirements. These tools help save money through reduced installation time, reduce operator error and fatigue, promote safer working conditions and lower total installation costs while adhering to industry standards.

Lockout/Tagout & Safety
Panduit offers a comprehensive line of safety and facility identification products that are designed to assist with compliance of OSHA standards.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties & Permanent Identification
Panduit® Pan-Steel® System provides a strong, durable method of bundling, identifying and fastening for virtually all indoor, outdoor and underground (including direct burial) applications, where severe environmental conditions exist. The ties are designed for use in critical applications where strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion and temperature extremes are a factor.

Surface Raceway
Panduit® Pan-Way® Metal and Non-Metallic Surface Raceway provide maximum flexibility for routing, protecting and concealing high performance wiring. All full range of fittings are also available to maintain proper bend radius control, channel capacity and separation.

Wiring Duct
Panduit® Panduct® Wiring Duct is the premium wire management solution for routing and concealing wiring in electrical control panels. All Panduct® Wiring Duct is UL Recognized and CSA Certified and most carry the CE mark.
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