- PanaVise Products, Inc. is a major manufacturer of precision vises, circuit board holders, cellular telephone mounts and holders, mobile data terminal mounts, CCTV mounts, speaker mounts and speciality OEM mounts. Many of our products integrate the famous "split-ball" design to position objects through three planes, all with the turn of a single knob. 

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More about PanaVise

PanaVise Products, Inc. is a major manufacturer of precision vises, circuit board holders, work holding tools and mini arbor presses. In the security industry, PanVise is a premier supplier of high quality CCTV camera mounts, and for professional sound installers and home theater enthusiasts, our speaker mounts are the superior choice.

We’ve been designing and creating innovative holding solutions since 1956, when PanaVise’s founder Otto Colbert decided he needed an easy way to inspect and work on his dies.

To make his work more productive, he invented and patented the famous “split-ball.” The splitball is a clever adaptation that allows a vise head to move easily through three planes (Tilt, Turn & Rotate) and to lock securely into position with a single control knob.

To this day, his invention still forms the core of our product line and is seen in ever specialty and OEM mounting solution our custom engineering department tackles. Following in Mr. Colbert’s footsteps, PanaVise continues to design and manufacture products that solve practical problems. Over the years, a natural outgrowth of our work holding expertise has been to develop other items, which hold things securely and offer a wide range of motion.

Our Mobile Electronics, Mobile Solutions, CCTV Camera Mounts, and Audio/Video Mounts are perfect examples of how we have applied Mr. Colbert’s philosophy to solve practical, real-world problems. Our dedication to finding innovative holding solutions has earned us the nickname “the hold it anywhere you want it company.”

PanaVise Products, Inc. is located in beautiful northern Nevada and operates in a 58,000 square foot facility (see photo, right). Our on-site engineering and manufacturing facilities give us complete control over product design, development, and production. We still believe in manufacturing quality products, and are dedicated to making the world’s most “Innovative Holding Solutions.”

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