- VPG/Micro-Measurements has developed, manufactured, and marketed strain gages, instruments, and accessories for high-precision strain and stress management since 1962. 

VPG/Micro-Measurements selection of strain gages includes open-face general-purpose gages, its revolutionary CEA gages, temperature sensors, crack propagation gages, weldable gages, hybrid sensors, and more. Accessories for the installation of its electrical resistance strain gages range from surface preparation materials, solder, adhesives, and tools to final environmental coatings. Formulated in-house by  VPG/Micro-Measurements, its coatings and bonding adhesives are recognized throughout the industry for their performance and batch-to-batch consistency. 

Vital to successful strain analysis, VPG/Micro-Measurements line of available instruments ranges from portable, digital strain indicators to sophisticated computer-controlled systems for the acquisition, storage, and reduction of test data. Both static and dynamically measuring instruments are designed to provide accurate, reliable, and stable strain measurement. 

VPG/Micro-Measurements reflection polariscopes, photoelastic coating materials, and application kits assure the potential of the photoelastic technique is realized.

Applications for  VPG/Micro-Measurements products include automotive, agricultural equipment, aircraft/aerospace, engines, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, bridges, appliances, office equipment, medical devices, building and construction, force transducers, load cells, and many more. Less...

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More about Vishay/Micro-Measurements

Vishay/Micro-Measurements is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of products for high-precision strain and stress measurement. It is our only business. For purposes of experimental stress analysis—whether preproduction prototype evaluation, field-service testing, failure analysis, or pure research—we offer a full complement of the sensors, instruments, equipment, and supplies necessary to obtain accurate, reliable strain and stress data.

Our products are used throughout the industrialized world—both in the practice of experimental stress analysis, and as the sensing elements in a wide variety of transducers including load cells for measuring physical variables other than strain (weight, force, torque, pressure, etc.). We are structured equally to serve the differing needs of the very small user, and those of large high-volume customer.

For stress analysis testing, we are the leading supplier of electrical resistance strain gages, strain gage accessories, and special resistive sensors and specialists in the development and manufacture of static and dynamic strain gage instrumentation. Additionally, as experts in the field of photoelasticity, we offer a wide range of equipment and materials for this visual, full-field stress measurement technique.

Vishay/Micro-Measurements also produces strain gages and installation accessories that are specifically designed to meet the needs of load cell manufacturers. Our Transducer-Class® gages have the special features and operating characteristics required for the economical production of precision transducers.
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