Memory Protection Devices

- Memory Protection Devices is a world-class designer and supplier of electronic components of power connection technology. Our specialties include battery holders, battery contacts, 12 volt auto assemblies and connectors. Because of the focused nature of our product line, we offer the highest quality parts in the industry and competitive pricing. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our certification as an ISO 9001:2000 company. Some of the services we offer to clients include personal customer service, custom manufacturing, and unmatched technical support. More...

Our support team is very familiar with many of our customers' specific applications, especially those in telecommunications equipment, industrial controls, consumer products, alarms, motherboards, medical devices, and military gear. For example, the battery holders made for medical applications must be manufactured in zero-defect processes and be resistant to organic growth. The military sector requires battery holders featuring extreme shock and vibration resistance with no loss of power continuity. Telecommunications, alarms, motherboards, and many stationary consumer items use their batteries only for back-up power, and so they require long-lasting, oxidation-free holder solutions. We have learned the specific needs of each industry we sell to and have crafted products specifically to meet those needs. Less...

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  • Battery Holders for Wireless Applications
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  • GLiDERS™
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Fuse Clips and Fuse HoldersFuse Clips and Fuse Holders - Memory Protection Devices' fuse clips and fuse holders, provided in an variety of sized, provide reliability for many applications.  More...

2.1 mm x 5.5 mm or 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm DC Jacks2.1 mm x 5.5 mm or 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm DC Jacks - MPD’s DC jacks are available in multiple configurations to fit in various applications. All jacks have a 10,000 insertion/withdrawal cycle minimum that assures a solid contact every time.  More...

More about Memory Protection Devices

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) is an ISO 9001 certified global manufacturer of battery holders, battery contacts, auto plugs, auto sockets, fuse holders, DC jacks, DC plugs, and other electronic components and devices. Our parts are manufactured to rigorous standards in factories located around the world, which meet not only our quality requirements, but our social ones as well. We believe that many components have not been given as much thought as they deserve, and every day we work to find the next innovative design. After all, a defective component can cause complete failure in most devices, and a poorly designed one can cause many inconveniences to end users. It is due to this core value that MPD is viewed as the industry's leading innovator.

Corporate History

MPD was originally founded in 1980 by three executives with a wealth of experience in the electronics industry. Today, the company is being led into an era of fresh growth under a new president with over 30 years of experience. The company's name, Memory Protection Devices, refers to the initial usage of our battery holders, which was to power CMOS RAM, a special type of computer memory that is used to store system settings. Although we are still protecting memory with our battery holders, MPD has since branched out and we now have a diverse line of products.

Battery Holders Adapt to Handheld Device Needs
Powering Toll Tags


ECN Tech Award 2011 Top 101 Components 2012 Memory Protection Devices, Inc. of Farmingdale, NY has been honored with a recognition by Electronic Design in its selection of "2012 Top 101 Components"

Memory Protection Devices selected for 2012 Top 101 Components

Electronic Design honors Memory Protection Devices, Inc.

MPD gliders win ECN award. MPD's revolutionary Glider coin cell holders have received a first place award in ECN Magazine's Readers' Choice Tech Awards. Gliders are a battery holder and retainer in one, offering a hybrid solution with the cost effectiveness of a coin cell retainer, while retaining the reliability and ease of replacement seen in MPD's standard line of coin cell holders. MPD is proud of the way this award reflects on their commitment to innovation.

For more information about gliders visit the MPD Glider Page.

Documents of Interest

ISO Certificate
Press Releases
Taking Batteries Green
Visual Product Guide

Automotive 12 V Automotive 12 V
No matter what size and shape cigarette plug is needed, MPD has a solution for you. The conditions of the real world can cause all different types of device failures, and we understand the many requirements for a cigarette plug to overcome these. Our plugs offer the strongest retentions to resist shocks and vibrations, but are also designed for usability and can still be removed by the elderly and disabled. Cigarette sockets are a specialty of MPD's, and we have the awards to prove it. Our designs are based on many years of industry experience, and our ability to create stable electrical connectivity is unparalleled. More...

Battery Contacts Battery Contacts
MPD manufactures high quality battery contacts and springs for use with cases that have molded battery compartments, as well as for PCB mounting. Battery clips and blocks are designed to directly mount cylindrical cells to PCBs, with both through hole and surface mount options available. Although battery clips are less reliable than battery holders, contact blocks can deliver increased reliability while still retaining the cost savings of battery clips. More...

Battery Holders Battery Holders
Battery holders were MPD's first products, and to this day they continue to be our primary focus. Every year we continue to innovate and create not only new types holders for new kinds of batteries, but also new types of holders for common batteries. More...

Coin Cell Holder Coin Cell Holder
The first coin cell battery holder made for general PCB placement was invented and patented by MPD in 1983, and since then we have been modernizing and improving our designs constantly. Along the way, we have created a wide variety of coin cell battery holders for use in all types of devices, and from handheld medical devices to server motherboards we have solutions for any application. More...

Fuse Clips/Holders Fuse Clips/Holders
Fuse holders can be designed to fit into any type of electrical circuit, ensuring that you can always provide adequate circuit protection in your design. MPD's fuse holders are made with reliability as the ultimate goal, since an unreliable fuse holder means an unreliable insurance that your circuit won't be destroyed by a sudden power spike. Fuse holders come made for a variety of applications, such as for general PCB placement, panel-mounting, and in-line placement. Fuse clips are designed to directly mount fuses to PCBs using through hole pins. Although fuse clips are less reliable than fuse holders, they are still reliable for most applications and can deliver great cost savings. Fuse clips also offer the ultimate customization of fuse placement on PCBs, and can often be utilized to save space over fuse holders or blocks. More...

Battery Insulators Battery Insulators
MPD battery insulators are convenient for pre-installing batteries into consumer electronics. More...
Memory Protection Devices
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