Master Appliance Corp.

- Master Appliance Corp. is the leading designer and manufacturer of heat tools for Industry. Formally incorporated in 1958, Master has manufactured and sold such products as heat guns, heat blowers, ultratorches (cordless heat tool, which is butane operated), microtorches (hand held and table top, which is butane operated), and a large selection of proseal environmental connectors. 

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Master Appliance BuildingMaster Appliance Corporation, Designers and Manufacturers of Heat Tools for Industry Located in a modern manufacturing facility in Racine, Wisconsin, Master Appliance introduced the first industrial quality heat gun to the worldwide marketplace in 1958. In 1985, we introduced the first butane powered soldering iron/heat tools to the North American marketplace. Today our heat tools are used for drying, heating, welding, shrinking, soldering, desoldering and for many other applications where heat is the need.

Master is continually developing new products with expanded capabilities, making it easy to work with the new materials and processes used throughout industry. With over 40 years of experience, the Master name stands for uncommon expertise in heat technology, quality products and unsurpassed service. Whether you're considering a new application, material or process, call us for fast professional service.

Engineering, Design, Research and Development
Our goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced heat tools in the market. A modern Engineering/Research & Development Department with Heat Technology Specialists, a multiple station CAD system and up to date test and measurement equipment provide the latest technology for the design and development of new and existing heat tools.

All Master products are made from superior quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. Industrial quality materials and expert assembly methods in a clean modern factory setting make it possible to assure our customers the maximum in product quality.
Master Appliance Corp.
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