MG Chemicals

- M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer of dusters and cold sprays, specialized chemical cleaners for electronics, protective coatings, flux and flux removers, photochemicals, copper clad boards, cleaning swabs, technical cleaning brushes, and desoldering braid. More...

Maintaining an unyielding commitment to quality production, industry leading design, and customer service, M.G. Chemicals was registered to the ISO 9001 quality system February 1996.

M.G. Chemicals maintains a strong commitment to protecting the environment. At M.G. Chemicals we use ozone friendly formulations, and we are currently working towards registration of ISO 14001 environmental management systems. Less...

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Super Duster™ 134 Aerosol DustersSuper Duster™ 134 Aerosol Dusters - MG Chemicals' Super Duster™ 134 removes microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles. It also cleans computers and keyboards, photographic and audio / video equipment, coin counters, printers, timing devices, cash machines, optical equipment, fax machines, and other electro-mechanical instruments.  More...

Super Thermal GreaseSuper Thermal Grease - MG Chemicals' 8617 super-thermal grease is a low thermal resistant, non-corrosive grease. It uses an extremely thermal-stable, synthetic oil base that is electrically insulating.  More...

More about M.G. Chemicals

M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer and wholesaler of chemical products for the electronics industry. Our chemical products include dusters and circuit coolers, cleaner / degreasers, flux removers, contact cleaners, protective coatings, solder, epoxies, adhesives, RTV silicones, lubricants, EMI/RFI shielding coatings, thermal management products, prototyping supplies, and more. We also distribute related non-chemical products, such as wipes, swabs, brushes, desoldering braid, and copper clad boards.

Our products are sold through our network of distributors throughout Canada, USA, and select international countries. Our distributors are our business partners, and our customers are our number one priority.

M.G. Chemicals has been registered to the ISO 9001 quality system since February 1996, and we are a firm believer in the ISO 9001 philosophy of producing quality products that are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Company History

In the 1950s the TV industry had experienced tremendous growth, and TV sets were becoming common household items. TV sets were expensive at the time, so they were a major purchase for most households. These early TV sets were not as reliable as the TV’s of today, and they broke down frequently because of the large number of tubes they contained. It was very common for these tubes to burn out and need replacing, but luckily, it was a relatively simple task for a trained TV repairman to identify and replace the faulty tubes. Thus, the TV repairman became part of everyday life.

It was during this era that Morton and Gale partnered in a TV and radio repair operation located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. As the TV repair industry was just beginning, Morton and Gale found it difficult to obtain many of the supplies they required. In particular, it was difficult for them to obtain chemical cleaning fluids. Seeing an opportunity, they began to formulate their own.

The cleaning products Morton and Gale developed were very effective, and they began selling them to other TV and radio repair operations in the city. The products became very popular, and in 1955 Morton and Gale officially incorporated MG Products Ltd, a new company that would focus on manufacturing cleaning chemicals for the TV and radio repair industry in Western Canada.

After growing the business significantly, Morton and Gale sold MG Products Ltd. to Mr. Pencer of Surrey B.C., who arranged to have its manufacturing and packaging done by Aero Pak Sales Ltd. Aeropak Sales Ltd. was an aerosol packaging operation in New Westminster, B.C. that was founded, owned and operated by Robert Clark. Aeropak Sales was a very successful small company, but Mr. Clark desired a company that packaged and sold its own formulations. Mr. Clark saw the potential in M.G. Products Ltd., because the company was serving the fast growing electronics industry. So when the opportunity presented itself in 1978, Mr. Clark sold Aeropak sales and purchased M.G. Products Ltd. from Mr. Pencer, and changed the name to M.G. Chemicals Ltd.

Naturally hard working, driven, and motivated, Mr. Clark put his full efforts into growing M.G. Chemicals Ltd into a world-class company, meeting the chemical needs of the electronics industry. He also developed a specialized aerosol paint division and incorporated that into M.G. Chemicals’ operations.

Today MG Chemicals is very different from the company that was founded by Morton and Gale. While the company still services the TV and radio repair segment, MG’s customer base is now much broader, with its primary customer segments being maintenance and repair organizations, electronics manufacturers, and electronics hobbyists.

M.G. Chemicals now has its own manufacturing and packaging facilities in Burlington, Ontario, and its head office resides in Surrey, B.C.
MG Chemicals
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