LEDdynamics, Inc.

- LEDdynamics is a custom engineering company specializing in the design and integration of LED technology for end-user and OEM applications. More...

Over the past 20 years, the world has seen tremendous advancements in the fields of computing, telecommunications, and biotechnology, but the same technology that Thomas Edison popularized in 1879 is still in use today to bring us the most essential tool we have ... light!

LEDdynamics is changing the nature of illumination. Less...

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A019 Low-Voltage Dimming ControlA019 Low-Voltage Dimming Control - LEDdymaics' A019 0 V to 10 V DC low-voltage dimming control is for use with LED lighting products, such as the LUXdrive A009 BuckBlock, A011 FlexBlock, 6014 ElaraStrip, 9008 LuxStrip II, A006 LuxStrip II, 3021/3023 BuckPuck LED drivers, and others compatible with a 0 V to 10 V current sinking control.  More...

LEDdynamics, Inc.
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