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- JAE Electronics is a top 10 global interconnect supplier and a recognized technology leader in fine pitch board to board, board to cable (including LVDS products), FPC (board-to-flex), memory card, input/output, circular, automotive/transportation and waterproof rated connectors. View the Product Selection Guide for more information regarding these focused product areas. 

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

Product Training Modules Online...On Demand® is a registered trademark of Digi-Key Corporation.

Updated PTM = Updated Product Training Module - PTM        New PTM = New Product Training Module - PTM

Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • AA01A Series Board-to-Board Connectors
1.1MB549KB5 minParts List
  • DD1/DD2 High Speed Docking Connector
1.8MB748KB5 minParts List
  • DD4 Series of High-Speed Low-Pro Docking Connectors
2.1MB947KB5 minParts List
  • DX4 Series USB 2.0 Compatible Micro-USB Connector
1.6MB681KB5 minParts List
  • ES10 Series of Board-to-Cable Connectors
1.3MB633KB5 minParts List
  • ES3 (JF3 type) Cable Insertion Type Connector
1.5MB699KB5 minParts List
  • ES3 (WF1 type) Card Edge Connector for LED Lighting
1.5MB347KB5 minParts List
  • ES3 (WF2 type) LED Power Supply Board-to-Cable Connector
5.6MB367KB5 minParts List
  • ES5 Series One-Position Board-to-Cable Connector for Lighting
1.1MB386KB5 minParts List
  • ES9 Series Board-to-Cable LED Lighting Connector
1.4MB644KB5 minParts List
  • FA10 Series FPC Connector
1.5MB600KB5 minParts List
  • FB10 Series FPC Connector
1.2MB533KB5 minParts List
  • FF08 Series FPC Connector Overview
1.0MB305KB5 minParts List
  • FI-R Series High-Speed Board-to-Cable Connector
1.4MB385KB5 minParts List
  • FO-EX Series Separable Fiber Optic Adapters
Play2.4MB705KB15 minParts List
  • FR02 Series Board-to-FPC Connector
1.6MB647KB5 minParts List
  • HD1 Series Board-to-Cable Type Connector
1.5MB677KB5 minParts List
  • JB5 Series Compact Push-Pull Circular Connectors
1.2MB560KB5 MinParts List
  • JN1 & JN2 Circular Connectors
1.8MB973KB5 minParts List
  • MM60 PCIe Mini Card Connector
1.5MB321KB5 minParts List
  • MM60-76B2-G1 Display Mini Card Connector
1.7MB634KB5 minParts List
  • MM80 Series DDR SDRAM SODIMM Connector
1.22MB564MB5 minParts List
  • PC2 Series Board-to-Cable Connector
1.1MB542KB5 minParts List
  • SF50 Series Micro SIM Card Connector Overview
1.4MB537KB5 minParts List
  • SF56 Series Push-Push MicroSIM Card Connector
4.4MB1.5MB5 minParts List
  • SM3 Series M.2 (NGFF) Connector
1.6MB820KB5 minParts List
  • SMB Connectors Overview
1.8MB835KB5 minParts List
  • ST1 Series microSD Card Connectors
1.5MB725KB5 minParts List
  • ST10 Series microSD Card Connector Overview
1.5MB648KB5 minParts List
  • WP Series Board-to-Board Connector
1.5MB614KB5 minParts List

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ES9 Series Board-to-Cable ConnectorES9 Series Board-to-Cable Connector - The ES9 series is a 2 or 4 position board-to-cable connector for supplying power in compact devices. It can be applied to various devices including LED lights, tablet PCs, LCD TVs, and other compact devices. It is capable of connecting wires up to 22 AWG, while maintaining a strong retention force, especially in the vertical direction.  More...

FA10 Series FPC ConnectorFA10 Series FPC Connector - JAE’s FA10 series FPC space-saving connector has a 0.5 mm pitch with a 0.9 mm height and 3.2 mm depth. The FA10 is a top- and bottom-surface-connection type with a low-insertion-force type structure. The FPC guides prevent misalignment by holding the FPC in place until the actuator locks. Its easy, one-action mating requires no actuator or slider operation during insertion and removal. The tapered guides promote easy FPC insertion.  More...

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