- E-Z-Hook is a leading manufacturer of electronic test products and is known throughout the industry for quality parts, rapid response, and custom manufacturing capabilities. A privately owned company, E-Z-Hook was founded in 1956 when the first E-Z-Hook was manufactured and patented. Since 1970 the current owner has expanded E-Z-Hook's product line, and today offers over 10,000 parts and assemblies, as well as custom manufacturing services. More...

E-Z-Hook services a wide variety of industries including electronic, electrical, automotive, telecommunication, medical, and industrial. E-Z-Hook's robust product line includes test leads to various interfaces, jumpers, coaxial adaptors (i.e. double banana, BNC, N, TNC), conventional test lead interfaces (i.e. banana jacks and plugs, alligator clips, hooks), wire and cable assemblies, various sized hooks, insulation piercing hooks and clips, harness board nails, nail clips, oscilloscope and test probes, multi-lead assemblies, and kits. E-Z-Hook product lines are constructed from such quality products as Beryllium Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold or Nickel Plating, and Nylon. Most items are constructed to be field repairable. Most products are available in 10 colors, and many are available in kilo-color® (1000 color combinations to choose from) for easy identification in a testing environment. All jumpers, leads, and cables are available for order in various lengths and wire gauge. E-Z-Hook also offers test connectors in non-magnetic and high temperature versions. Less...

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More about E-Z-Hook

For over 55 years E-Z-Hook has manufactured and sold innovative solutions for electronic test needs. We are proud to provide products made in the U.S.A.

Keeping pace with the latest developments, the E-Z-Hook team manufactures products that satisfy the changing needs of customer and industry requirements. All products are constructed of high quality materials and assembled to meet rigorous manufacturing standards. E-Z-Hook is committed to meeting the changing needs of their customers and the constantly evolving marketplace. Our no minimum, direct order approach ensures quick delivery of the correct product to solve your immediate needs.

Choosing E-Z-Hook means:
  • Comprehensive product line
  • Custom solution capabilities
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Well designed and manufactured products
  • Competitive pricing
  • High quality standards
  • RoHS compliant products
  • Prompt shipment of product
Our mission is to provide quality products, delivered on time at reasonable prices.

E-Z-Hook Headquarters
Our 36,000 square foot manufacturing headquarters in Arcadia, California
Our Story

In 1956 a man by the name of Bob Youger developed and patented the first hypo-action test hook for electrical test connections. His company E-Z-Hook was a small operation out of Covington, Kentucky. The product line consisted of 12 products, largely made of hooks and the patented hypo-action hook. In 1958 manufacturers' representatives Phelps Wood and his father Ashford Wood began representing the E-Z-Hook line. For 12 years they represented and sold the E-Z-Hook product line.

In 1970 Phelps and his father Ash purchased the 12 product company when Bob decided to retire. They believed the hypo-action hook was unique to the industry and offered tremendous expansion opportunity. Over the past 42 years E-Z-Hook has built a complete product line of test and measurement accessories. Today we offer an extensive array of standard and custom solutions that we sell to multiple industries.

Headquartered in Arcadia, California, E-Z-Hook operates out of a 36,000 foot manufacturing facility. Second and third generation family members are actively involved in the daily operations of the business. E-Z-Hook is proud to be a family owned, US business. We are proud to have a wonderful dedicated team of employees, several of whom celebrate over 30 years of service and experience with E-Z-Hook.
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