- Desco has been a leader in providing innovative solutions for the control of ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD) in industrial and office environments for more than a decade. Desco distributors offer a complete systems approach and will assist you in arranging for complete site surveys and training seminars. 

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Menda Conductive and Dissipative ESD BrushesMenda Conductive and Dissipative ESD Brushes - Desco's ESD brushes are ideal for removing dust, dirt, and leftover materials from printed circuit boards (PCB) and other static sensitive components. These brushes are available with permanent static dissipative nylon bristles or conductive synthetic yarn and horsehair bristles.  More...

Chargebuster® Overhead IonizersChargebuster® Overhead Ionizers - Desco’s Chargebuster overhead ionizers are steady-state DC ionizers designed for use in ESD-protected areas and include 700 lumen light panels that provide additional illumination to work areas to help improve visibility and productivity. They are available in two-fan, one-light, and three-fan, two-light configurations.  More...

More about Desco Industries

Sixty years ago John A. McDonald of Glendale, CA developed a multiple-purpose continuity and voltage tester for electrical circuits. A patent was applied for in 1952 and granted in 1956. He and a partner formed the Delta Electrical Specialty Company (DESCO) to manufacture and sell the device named the Circuitracer. That first Desco item is still manufactured today.

In 1979 John McDonald sold his company to John Brake and Wayne Hunter. John and Wayne incorporated under the name Desco Industries, Inc. (DII) in Brea, CA. The business quickly outgrew the Brea facility and was moved to Walnut, CA in 1981. Desco was moved again in 1999 to a much larger building in Chino, CA. Corporate headquarters is also located here. After 33 years as DII we have sales and manufacturing facilities in ten locations worldwide: seven in the United States, two in the United Kingdom and one in Japan. We employ nearly 200 people and have grown through the development of new products and the acquisition of companies with well established reputations for quality.

Our primary focus is on the control of electrostatic discharge damage in micro circuits and we manufacture a large variety of products involved in the manufacture, testing and repair of electronic circuits. In addition, we make specialty tools, personnel identification badges and custom products to customer's specifications.

We market our products through various brands. Listed below are the core brands:


Desco primarily manufactures ESD control products in facilities in Chino, CA; Canton, MA; Miami, FL; and Rochester, NH. Products are sold through stocking distributors. A network of manufacturer's reps offers sales and technical support in most states. In addition, customer service personnel handle worldwide inquiries and sales. There are several brands now integrated into Desco:


Menda was acquired in 2000 and was originally Menda Scientific Products. The Menda brand name is now synonymous with innovation and quality since 1947. Menda is now famous for its high-performance line of dish type liquid dispenser pumps and bottles. These pumps and bottles are now widely used in the industrial electronics assembly, cleanroom, beauty, and medical applications. The Menda brand is recognized around the world as the standard for the one-touch liquid dispensing. People do not ask for a dispensing bottle, they ask for a Menda bottle!

You will see that the Menda product offering now includes not only the bottles we are famous for, but also specialty tools such as: Soldering Tip Voltage Tester, Circuitracers, Probes, Spudgers, ESD Vacuums, Cable Ties, Wire Threader, ESD Brushes, ESD Dissipative Gloves, Silicone-Free Lotion and much, much more! DII's commitment is to innovation and future technology. With DII's leadership role in the market and its desire to continuously introduce new items, you can count on Menda to offer many more creative and functional items in the future.


EMIT was created in 2003 to address the market for high-end ESD control products of monitors, ionization, testers, and data acquisition. The EMIT Brand provides the management responsible for ESD Control with the tools and support to create a predictable, stable, and consistent ESD Plan. The EMIT line specializes in high end electronics which include ESD Monitors, Testers, Ionizers and Test Equipment. EMIT's SmartLog™ Data Acquisition system is a proven and reliable source for electronically logging ESD test data. The success of EMIT's SmartLog™ and the markets demand for ESD traceability has allowed EMIT to develop the EMIT SIM Software which monitors the activity of its Ionizers and Monitors.


Protektive Pak was acquired from Brick Container in 2002. This gave us the capability to manufacture a complete line of ESD corrugated boxes, containers, and related products.

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