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Daburn offers a full range of Wire & Cable; Shrink Tubing and Sleeving; Fastening Devices; Plugs & Jacks; Porcelain Insulators. We specialize in miniature, hi-temperature & hi-voltage constructions, meeting or exceeding MIL, U/L and/or Commercial Specifications. 

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More About Daburn Electronics

Daburn Electronics & Cable Corp. was incorporated in 1964 to provide a broad range of electronic products in our two divisions:

Wire & Cable Division - We offer both military and commercial specification wire, cable, shrinkable tubing and sleeving and cold shrinking tape. While we inventory over 20,000 standard items, we frequently run special constructions to order. If you need non-standard constructions, you will find our minimums to be less than the competition.

Electronic Hardware Division - We stock our own porcelain insulators (stand-offs, feed thru, airplane, strain), plugs and jacks, fastening devices, clips and clamps, lacing cord and tape.
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