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- Coto Technology Inc. originated in Providence, Rhode Island in 1917 as Coto Coil Incorporated - a company specializing in the design and manufacture of coil windings. During the mid-1960's, Coto expanded its product line by introducing the reed relay - the result of integrating reed switches into coil windings. More...

By 1970, Coto emerged as a leading manufacturer of reed relays with the development of the first patented Low-Thermal EMF reed relay. Coto went on to produce the first ever surface-mounted reed relays in 1983 and world's smallest reed relay in 1994. In 1998 Coto acquired the Philips Dry Reed Switch Division in the Netherlands to form Coto Technology, B.V. Through the acquisition of the assets of SRC Devices in 2007, Coto further expanded its reed relay line and added DYAD™ switches to its offerings. Less...

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  • Reed Switch Basics
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Product Information

9852 RelaysCoto Technology 9852 Ultra-Miniature Surface Mount Reed Relay
The 9852 Form "C" SMD, ultra-miniature reed relay features longer life and optimized performance for ATE, Process Instrumentation and Telecommunications applications. With a footprint of 0.078 sq. in., the 9852 is the smallest Form "C" SMD reed relay available. Expected life is 200 million cycles (N/O contact), and 100 million (N/C) at 1V 10mA load. RF bandpass (-3dB) is 4GHz (N/O) or 3GHz (N/C). Isolation and return losses at 1 GHz are -10dB and -20dB respectively. An external magnetic shield reduces electromagnetic interaction between closely spaced relays.

9900 RelaysCoto Technology Ultra-Miniature 9900 Series Surface Mount Relays
Ideally suited to the needs of Automated Test Equipment and Instrumentation requirements, Coto's 9900 Series is the smallest Surface Mount Reed Relay available. The external Magnetic Shield reduces interaction between parts in high density boards. Small size plus the use of Coto's proprietary switch technology make these relays ideal for designs such as high speed, high pin count VLSI testers where speed, size and performance are all needed.

B40 RelaysB40 Series -- Ball Grid Array 4-Channel Relays
The B40 is four independent form A channels in one quad package. Coto's Ball Grid Array (BGA) construction offers a breakthrough in reed relay performance. This patented technology1 allows for shorter RF paths in a controlled 50-ohm environment to minimize signal attentuation. The designer is now able to switch or pass signals with wider bandwidth and faster rise time than alternative technologies. This is particularly important in Mixed Signal IC testers. This four-in-one BGA packaging allows relays to be integrated easily on boards designed for surface mount processing.
More about Coto Technology

Coto specializes in the manufacture of custom relays, non-standard package sizes and pinouts, custom coil and shielding designs, and multi-pole configurations are common variables. Coto relays are capable of carrying up to six amps, and can provide switching currents up to four amps along with 10-15 KV switching. Coto relays are qualified to the highest electrical test specifications in the reed relay industry.

With global manufacturing facilities and/or sales offices in the USA, Netherlands, Mexico, and Asia, Coto has become a worldwide market leader of small signal switching products sold into the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Coto is dedicated to design, operational, quality and service excellence.

Comus Group acquires Coto Reed Switch Products
Coto Technology
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