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- Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group, has a wide range of connectors and cable assemblies suited for RF, Microwave Fiber Optic, and multi-pin signal transmission. Cinch Connectivity is a vertically integrated supplier of custom solutions, fixed length and semi rigid cable assemblies from DC to 50 GHz.  Our products are engineered to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements.

Cinch Connectivity’s products support wireless communications, data networking, test and measurement, telecommunications, broadcast, medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions is proud to have partnered with Digi-Key for over 30 years with the Johnson line of RF connectors and hardware. Other brands in the portfolio include AIM-Cambridge, Trompeter, Semflex, Midwest Microwave, and Vitelec, as well as Cinch connectors.

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  • ARJ45 Category 7a Modular Connector System- Stewart
View10 minParts List
  • Benefits of DS-3 Lines
View5 minParts List
  • Configured Solutions Video Patching
2.3MB1.1MB5 minParts List
  • Dual Winding Inductors in SEPIC Converters
View10 minParts List
  • Integrated Connector Module, ICM
View10 minParts List
  • MagJack® Integrated Magnetics Modular Jacks
View15 minParts List
  • Modular Jack EPP-918A Environmental Protection Gel - Stewart
View5 minParts List
  • Surface Mount Wire Wound Inductors
5.0MB1.1MB10 minParts List

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RJ45 D38999 Series C-RJFTV for Ethernet ConnectivityRJ45 D38999 Series C-RJFTV for Ethernet Connectivity - Bringing the combined technical expertise and engineering capabilities of Cinch’s rugged D38999 shell and Stewart’s high performance RJ45, the RJ45 D38999 provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments.  More...

Product Catalogs

Master Cinch Catalog Master Cinch Catalog
Complete Cinch product offering Commercial and MIL Spec product ranging from Jones Plugs and Sockets, Barrier Blocks, Edge Cards, Two-Piece Commercial Dins, Mini Din Plugs and Press-Fit BNC Receptacles, Circular Connectors, D-Subminiature, CIN::APSE and Dura-Con™ connectors.
  Cinch Products Overview Cinch Products Overview
Overview of all the products and capabilities Cinch has to offer.

Brochures and Catalogs

Midwest Microwave Catalog
Semflex Catalog
Coaxial Catalog
Central Office DS3 Connectivity Product Catalog
High Frequency Video Patching
High Performance RF, Microwave & Twinax/Triax Cable Assemblies
Johnson Catalog
kwiQMAte Connectors
Patching Products, RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies Product Catalog
Product Overview
Studio Grade Coax Transport
RF Products Guide
Trompeter Trifold Brochure
Video Broadcast

Documents of Interest

SMA Fixed Attenuators Commercial Series
Non-Magnetic Connectors
Ultra Miniature Connectors
High Frequency End Launch Connectors
Type N Connectors
RF Cable Assembly
SMA Hand-Formable Cable Assemblies
Stainless Steel SMA Connectors
SMA Quick-Connect
SMA One Piece Semi-Rigid Connectors
SMK 50-Ohm Connectors
SMP Blind-Mate Connectors

Product Information

Stewart Connector products

ARJ45™ CAT7a Connectors Selector Guide
Category 7a connection system, next generation of high speed connectors selection with benefits of using CAT7a connectors

MagJack® Connector Modules - IC Cross-Reference
Quick cross reference pull down menu showing IC manufacturer and recommended MagJack® parts

MagJack® Recommendations and IC Cross Reference
MagJack® part listing and MagJack® recommendations for IC manufacturer parts in PDF format

Modular Plug Quick Reference Guide

TRP Connector products

TRP Connector At-A-Glance

Trompeter products

Trompeter RF Products Overview
Trompeter Patch-Jack Series
Trompeter F Connector
Related Product Brands

Cinch Connectors announce new name and brand logo following the joining of Emerson Connectivity Solutions
Bel Closes Acquisition of Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions
Bel Completes Acquisition of Cinch Connectors for $39 Million - January 29, 2010

More about Cinch

Cinch Connectors is a multi-national manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products. With facilities in North America and Europe, Cinch satisfies the needs of customers the World over. In operation since 1917, Cinch is a Bel Fuse Company. Cinch is divided into 2 Business Units located according to the World Markets they serve.
  • The North American Business Unit is headquartered in Lombard, Illinois, and has manufacturing locations in the United States, and Mexico.
  • The Europe Business Unit has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in England.
Cinch is a supplier of reliable, high quality standard products for use in a variety of industries. Cinch also possesses various enabling technologies and expertise, with which to provide custom solutions, and products, for strategic accounts within their focus markets. Those focus markets are the Transportation Market for which a number of leading edge products have been, and continue to be, developed, and the Telecom Market to which Cinch supplies various standard products as well as a number of new, higher speed devices consistent with the rapidly changing needs in this industry. Cinch is also a major supplier of products to the Mil/Aero Market with significant presence in the Commercial Aircraft industry, as well as in the Munitions, Missile, and Satellite Communications segments.

Cinch supplies a variety of devices to the High End Computer Market with emphasis, to date, on Work Station and Server products for which Cinch’s CIN::APSE Technology is the perfect solution to a number of low profile, high speed Microprocessor Socketing needs. Finally, Cinch serves a broad range of other, more mature, commercial markets, largely through our highly efficient Distribution network.

Cinch ConnectorsOur manufacturing operations, located in the United States, Mexico, and England, are vertically integrated and many are registered to ISO 9001, AS-9100 and various customer and Industry Specifications. Cinch product engineering and development activities are carried on in the United States, and England, with the design groups operating from common databases. They employ state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling tools, as well as electrical modeling software, to optimize designs, and shorten the new product development cycle. Our mission is to always exceed our customer’s expectations, and to continually provide innovative solutions to the rapidly changing needs of the markets, and customers, we serve.

More about Cinch Connectivity Solutions 

Cinch Connectivity Solutions serves the needs of wireless communications, telephony and data networks, CATV, security systems, health care and industrial facilities with a full spectrum of broadband copper connectivity products.

AIM-Cambridge Connectivity Solutions

The Connectivity Solutions product line, AIM-Cambridge, has a general line of connectors designed to offer the highest quality data transmission for audio, video and data applications. Available in BNC, ‘N’, ‘F’, RCA, UHF, Mini-UHF, TNC, D-Sub and Modular Plugs for Data/Telecom applications. In addition, the company stocks a wide variety of cables for A/V, SATV, CATV, computer and LAN applications, as well as a complete line of termination tools and structured cabling products.

Johnson Connectivity Solutions

The Connectivity Solutions product line, Johnson, manufactures Ultra-miniature (UMC), Micro-miniature, (MCX, MMCX, SMP) and Subminiature (SMA, SMB, SMK )and Medium connectors (N connectors ), including pc-board, cable mount, end launch and bulkhead as well as semi-rigid, conformable, and flexible RF coaxial cables.

Trompeter Connectivity Solutions

The Trompeter line of interconnect manufactured by Cinch Connectivity Solutions is recognized as a global leader in delivering best in class RF connectivity. The Trompeter line of patch jacks, RF connectors, cable assemblies, HDTV digital technology and DS3 connectivity solutions is unrivalled. Trompeter is committed to innovation, product quality and world-class customer service. Our mission is to provide products that continually deliver the highest quality signal integrity for the most demanding applications in Telecom, Central Office, Broadcast, Military Aerospace, and Instrumentation markets worldwide. Our extensive line of cost-effective products are rigorously designed and tested to provide the critically engineered solutions necessary to enhance the end-user’s overall experience.

Semflex Connectivity Solutions

Semflex designs and manufactures low loss, flexible, microwave coaxial cable and custom cable assemblies for the military/aerospace, commercial OEM and test instrumentation markets. Semflex offers cables ranging from DC to 50 GHz, available with ultra low insertion loss, power ratings up to 21 KW, and available with all popular connectors.

Midwest Microwave Connectivity Solutions

The Midwest Microwave product line of passive coaxial microwave components are known for their precision performance and high quality that meets the precise requirements of the RF/Microwave industry. Our broad product portfolio includes: Attenuators, Precision Adapters, Terminations, DC Blocks, Power Dividers, Couplers, Equalizers, Phase Shifters, Connectors, Custom Cable Assemblies and Test Cables that are designed and manufactured for both military and commercial applications.

Vitelec Connectivity Solutions

Vitelec provides a comprehensive range of RF coaxial interconnect products and cable assemblies. The company has a long established reputation for offering quality and innovation with a wide range of both standard and custom designed products for the electronic and communication industries.

Vitelec is part of the Cinch Connectivity Solutions European facility for connector products and assemblies based in Chelmsford UK. Cinch Connectivity Solutions has a number of international manufacturing sites including North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. The European facility is itself a center of excellence for the design, manufacturing and testing of radio frequency, microwave and fiber optic cable assemblies which are marketed alongside its range of interconnection products under the Cinch Connectivity Solutions brand.
Cinch Connectivity Solutions
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