Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.

- Capital Advanced Technologies is a leading manufacturer of products for prototype development and fabrication. Surfboards® surface mount breadboards and adaptors offer support for a wide range of surface mount devices and circuit configurations. Uni-Sip™ breadboards provide a modular solution for circuit construction with through hole components. Together these products extend the range of conventional breadboarding techniques to include new component technologies and provide more efficient interconnectivity. 

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More about Capital Advanced Technologies

Capital Advanced Technologies today is a product of a diversified electronics manufacturing and process background acquired over its nearly Thirty years of existence. Founded in 1980, the company began as a producer of high quality printed circuit boards for both the commercial and military markets. While Capital produced boards across the spectrum of types such as single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer. A particular emphasis was placed on the utilization and development of techniques and processes that could enhance the base board performance. During this period Capital was producing boards that incorporated features such as printed polymer thick film ground planes and shields, Printed Resistors, Capacitors, Detectors, Transducers, Electroluminescent Lamps, and a variety of hybridization's of mixed polymer thick film and traditional printed circuit technology.

In the following decade Capital broadened its focus to include Design, Assembly, and test of electronics at the hybrid, board, and system levels with a particular emphasis on Surface Mount and Miniaturization technologies. In this period the company continued development of its surface mount and hybrid packaging processes with much success.

Today, While still producing a wide range of products for the electronics industry, Capital is also focused on the needs of engineers faced with the task of building breadboard or prototype circuits with traditional and Surface Mount technology as well as converting to Surface Mount from traditional through-hole. Capital now produces a line of products to address those needs as well as help the customer to transition to volume as the need arises. To that end Capital can provide a wide range of manufacturing services to help get your ideas to market.
Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.
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