Caddock Electronics, Inc.

- Our business focus at Caddock Electronics, Inc. is to develop and manage unique material and process technologies with a commitment to the conservative producibility of high performance, high quality resistor products which provide technical solutions for our customers. More...

Caddock’s High Performance Film Resistors offer high levels of stability and reliability through extreme operating conditions and harsh environments. Less...

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More about Caddock Electronics, Inc.

Caddock manufactures High Performance Film Resistors, including:

  • Non-Inductive Power Film Resistors and Current Sense Resistors in Axial, Radial, and TO-Style Packages, and SMT Chip and D-Pack style packages.
  • High Voltage Resistors: Precision and Low TC.
  • Precision and Ultra-Precision Film Resistors: absolute tolerances to 0.01%, Absolute TC’s as low as 2ppm/°C, resistance values from 50 Ohm to 125 Megohm.
  • Transient Tolerant Precision Film Resistors: For harsh electrical environments like power quality monitoring and power metering.
  • High Temperature Film Resistors: up to +275°C continuous operating temperature.
  • Matched Resistor Sets: to customer specifications.
  • Custom Resistor Devices to customer specifications.
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Caddock Electronics, Inc.
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