Bourns, Inc.

- Bourns, Inc. has been leading the electronics industry in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and integrated solutions since its inception in 1947 by Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. As an industry innovator, Bourns targets product development at high-growth industries such as computers, telecommunications, automotive and portable electronics. More...

Bourns established a benchmark for the quality, value and innovation of its products and services early in the Company’s history with the 1952 introduction of the Trimpot® line. This was the world’s first patented trimming potentiometer. Bourns dedication to excellence ensures the continuous improvement of its products and services to satisfy customers on a global basis. Bourns philosophy is founded upon product quality, dependable delivery and the best overall value for its worldwide customers. In addition to maintaining global manufacturing and customer support capabilities, Bourns invests heavily in the development of technologies and the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities to meet customers’ changing needs. Through this continuous investment, Bourns drives the trend toward component miniaturization. The Company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in its manufacturing operations, which meet QS 9000 and ISO 9001/2000 certifications.

Bourns sells a broad range of passive components, including trimming potentiometers, overcurrent protection devices, sensors, modular contacts, resistive networks, switches, encoders, panel controls, linear motion potentiometers, dials, precision potentiometers, inductive components, chip resistors and chip resistor arrays, and more. In addition, our Circuit Protection offering continues to expand to include thyristor surge protectors, resettable and telecom fuses, gas discharge tubes, line protection modules, chip diodes and ESD protection products. Outside Plant products include central office, station and multi-stage protectors as well as network interface devices (NIDS) and digital subscriber line (DSL) products. More recent product line additions include DC/DC converters, microelectronic modules, specialty resistors and power semiconductors. Less...

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

Product Training Modules Online...On Demand® is a registered trademark of Digi-Key Corporation.

Updated PTM = Updated Product Training Module - PTM        New PTM = New Product Training Module - PTM

Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • 2051 Series GDT
1.3MB243KB5 minParts List
  • AMM20B Multi-Turn Magnetic Position Sensor
2.7MB561KB10 minParts List
  • AMS22 Position Sensor Overview
2.7MB704KB5 minParts List
  • AMS22B Single-Turn Magnetic Position Sensor
3.4MB996KB10 minParts List
  • AMS22U Non-Contacting Magnetic Sensor
2.4MB594KB5 minParts List
  • Current Sense Resistor Overview
2.7MB530KB5 minParts List
  • CVH252009 Series Power Chip Inductor
924KB92KB5 minParts List
  • EMS22 Non-Contacting Magnetic Encoder
2.0MB215KB5 minParts List
  • ESD Protection Products
Play6.2MB2.0MB15 minParts List
  • FW Series Fusible Wirewound Resistors
3.4MB1.0MB10 minParts List
  • Gas Discharge Tubes
5.8MB1.7MB10 minParts List
  • Magnetic Product Overview
4.4MB1.5MB10 minParts List
  • Multifuse® MF-RM series of PPTC Resettable Fuses
3.3MB794KB10 minParts List
  • Multifuse® Resettable fuses
Play3.7MB700KB15 minParts List
  • Power Resistor
2.6MB302KB10 minParts List
  • Power Transient Voltage Suppressor (PTVS) Diodes
4.4MB2.0MB20 minParts List
  • Rotary Position Sensor - Model 3382
1.6MB300KB5 minParts List
  • SinglFuse™ Thin Film Chip Fuses
2.6MB851KB10 minParts List
  • SRN Series: Semi-Shielded Inductors
2.9MB1.2MB10 minParts List
  • T Series Fast Acting Gas Discharge Tubes
4.5MB1.5MB10 minParts List
  • Thick Film PWR263S-20 Power Resistor
1.7MB396KB5 minParts List
  • Transient Blocking Units
3.2MB590KB10 minParts List
  • Transient Current Suppressors
4.2MB1.3MB5 minParts List

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LC, HC, and NR-A Series Mini-BreakersLC, HC, and NR-A Series Mini-Breakers - Following Bourns’ acquisition of Komatsulite Mfg. Co., Ltd in late 2014, Bourns is pleased to announce the release of Komatsulite’s Model LC series, HC series, and NR series A-type mini-breaker overtemperature and overcurrent protectors.  More...

Multifuse® and ChipGuard® Circuit Protection Devices for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0Multifuse® and ChipGuard® Circuit Protection Devices for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 - Bourns Multifuse family of polymer positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) "resettable fuses" are used in a wide variety of circuit protection applications. Under fault conditions, the device resistance will rise exponentially and remain in a "tripped" state, providing continuous circuit protection until the fault is removed. Once the fault is removed and the power cycled, the device will return to its normal low-resistance state.  More...

More about Bourns

About Bourns


Bourns' goal is to satisfy customers on a global basis while achieving sound growth with technological products of innovative design, superior quality and exceptional value. We commit ourselves to excellence, to the continuous improvement of our people, technologies, systems, products and services, to industry leadership, and to the highest level of integrity.


More than sixty years ago co-founders Marlan and Rosemary Bourns set up shop in their tiny 384 square-foot garage in Altadena, California. Their idea to provide a method of accurately determining an aircraft's pitch attitude solved a crucial problem for pilots. The invention of the first miniature linear motion and vane position potentiometers propelled their tiny business into a global corporation, manufacturing a range of products that impact almost every aspect of today's electronics industry.

From its earliest days, Bourns established a benchmark for quality, value, and innovation. In 1952, Bourns patented the world's first trimming potentiometer, trademarked Trimpot ®. Bourns' dedication to excellence ensures continuous improvement of its products and services to satisfy customer requirements on a global basis.

The company, with worldwide headquarters in Riverside, California and nine other facilities around the world has continued growing through acquisitions and start-ups. Product lines now include precision potentiometers, panel controls, encoders, resistor/capacitor networks, chip resistors/arrays, inductors, transformers, resettable fuses, thyristor-based overvoltage protectors, line feed resistors, gas discharge tubes, telephone station protectors, 5-pin protectors, industrial signal, irrigation and petroleum protectors, CATV coax protectors, signal data protectors, indoor and outdoor POT splitters, network interface devices, and integrated circuits.

Bourns, Inc. serves a broad range of markets, including telecommunications, computer, industrial, instrumentation, automotive, consumer, audio, and medical.
PortNote Solutions

Bourns® PortNote® Solutions provide engineers with a simplified design starting point for selecting the appropriate circuit protection solution for a specific port interface. Bourns PortNote Solutions include precise information on relevant compliance standards, the optimal Bourns solution with part numbers, an interface schematic, alternative solution references, and corresponding design kits containing sufficient Bourns products to prototype five of the circuits designated in the PortNote Solution.

CAN-bus - Surge Protection
Ethernet - ESD Protection
Ethernet - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PD Solution
Ethernet - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PSE Solution
IEEE 1394B - Firewire / iLink Protection
RS-485 - Serial Port - ESD / EFT / Surge Protection
SATA HDD Interface - Data and Power Protection
USB 2.0 - ESD and Overcurrent Protection
USB 3.0 - ESD and Overcurrent Protection
Datacom Design Kits

DisplayPort 1.2 - ESD and Overcurrent Protection
HDMI 1.3 - ESD and Overcurrent Protection
HDMI 1.4 - ESD and Overcurrent Protection
HD-SDI / SDI - Coaxial Port
LVDS - Input Port - Surge Protection
LVDS - Output Port - Surge Protection
Satellite Receiver RF Input - Surge Protection
Thunderbolt™ Port - ESD and OC Protection
VHF/UHF - Coaxial Port - ESD Protection
Audio/Video Design Kits

RJ11 Fax/Modem (FXO)
RJ11 SLIC Protection - GR-1089-CORE Dual Supply Voltage
RJ11 SLIC Protection - GR-1089-CORE Negative Voltage Tracking
VDSL - Driver Side Protection
VDSL - Line Side Protection
Telecom Design Kits

Lighting and Batteries
LED PWM Dimmer - PWM / Power
Li-ion Battery Controller Protection - Overcurrent and ESD Protection
Lighting and Batteries Design Kits
Alliance Programs
Analog Devices and Bourns EMC compliant RS-485 interface design tool
Analog Devices and Bourns EMC compliant RS-485 Interface Design Tool - Analog Devices and Bourns have partnered to extend their offering of system oriented solutions by co-developing the industry’s first EMC compliant RS-485 interface design tool that provides up to Level 4 protection levels for IEC61000-4-2 ESD, IEC61000-4-4 EFT, and IEC61000-4-5 surge.
August Bourns Introduces Automotive-Grade ChipGuard® Varistor Series that Delivers High Reliability, Fast-Response ESD Protection
August Bourns Announces New High Power TVS Diodes in SMD Package for Exposed AC/DC Power Supply Applications
August Bourns Releases New Design Kit and PortNote® Solution Enabling Effective SLIC Protection under 4 kV 10/700 µs Surge Conditions
July Bourns Introduces Low-Profile SMD High Current Shielded Power Inductors for DC/DC Converters in Mobile Electronics
June Bourns Announces New Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series for DC/DC Converter Power Management Applications
June Bourns Introduces New 10/100 Base-Tx Transformer as Optimal Inductive Component Solution for MB and ADSL Modems
June Bourns Receives Arrow Electronics' 2013 Perfect Order Award at the Platinum Level
May Bourns Honored Again with TTI 2013 Supplier Excellence Award at the Highest Platinum Level
May Bourns Expands Comprehensive High Power TVS Diode Product Line with New High Current Bidirectional TVS Diode in SMD Package
May Bourns Announces New Dual Ball Bearing Option on Popular 10-Turn Precision Potentiometer
April Bourns Introduces Highly Robust Surge Protective Device (SPD) for Sensitive Signal and Data Line Applications
March Bourns Adds New T1/E1 Transformer Models to Extensive Inductive Components Product Line
March Bourns' New High Power TVS Diodes Deliver Industry-Standard Bidirectional Port Protection for AC/DC Power Line Applications
February Bourns Announces Enhanced Temperature Performance High Power TVS Diodes for AC/DC Power Line Applications
January Bourns Announces New High Power TVS Diodes for AC and DC Power Line Applications
January Bourns Recognized by GM for Outstanding On-Time Shipping Performance
January Bourns Announces New Options to its Industry-Leading Line of Guitar Potentiometers
December Bourns Announces New ChipGuard® Automotive ESD Protectors
December Bourns Adds 3D, SPICE Model, S-Parameter and LTspice Design Files to Company Website
November Bourns Announces New Low Profile TVS Diode
October Bourns Expands Industry-Leading Current Sense Resistor Product Family
October Bourns Announces New High Current Surge Device Designed for SLIC Overvoltage Protection
September Bourns Adds GDT Technology Training Module to its In-Depth Online Training Library
September Bourns Announces New SMD Power Inductor Series for Use in Automotive Applications
September Bourns Announces Non-Contacting Torque Sensors Optimized for Automotive Electronic Power Steering Applications
July Bourns Adds Three New Application Notes to its Extensive Technical Library
May Bourns Receives Prestigious TTI 2012 Global Operations Excellence Award
March Bourns Europe Awarded 2012 TTI Supplier Excellence Award at the Highest Platinum Level
March Bourns North America Operations Awarded 2012 Supplier Excellence Award at the Highest Platinum Level
March Bourns Asia-Pacific Operations Receives 2012 TTI Supplier Excellence Award
February New Models Designed to Help Increase Product Life and Provide High Reliability for Applications Operating in Rugged Environments
December Strategic acquisition further expands and strengthens Bourns' leading line of circuit protection GDT solutions
September Bourns Introduces Breakthrough Line of Transient Current Suppressors that Deliver Ultra-Fast, Cost-Effective and Reliable Circuit Protection
June Bourns Acquires Assets from Jensen Devices AB, Stockholm, Sweden
May Erik Meijer Promoted to President, Bourns Electronics
March Bourns Europe Awarded 2012 TTI Supplier Excellence Award at the Highest Platinum Level
March Bourns North America Operations Awarded 2012 Supplier Excellence Award at the Highest Platinum Level
March Bourns Asia-Pacific Operations Receives 2012 TTI Supplier Excellence Award
March Bourns Receives the 2011 TTI North America Supplier Excellence Award at the Highest Platinum Level
February Bourns Automotive Division Expands Mexican Manufacturing Plant
January  Bourns Announces New Options to its Industry-Leading Line of Guitar Potentiometers
November  Bourns Adds 19 New Documents to its Successful PortNote® Solutions Series
October  Bourns Introduces Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor
September  Bourns and Magnachip Announce Volume Ramp of TBU® Series of High-Speed Circuit Protection Devices
August  Bourns Introduces Two New Industrial-Grade Panel Control Models
August  Bourns Announces Availability of Two New Evaluation Boards for RS-485-based Applications
July  Bourns Receives Prestigious Bosch Supplier Award
July  Bourns to Host Renowned Guitar Technicians Dickson and Kelly in Summer NAMM Booth
May  Bourns Announces Combined Torque and Angle Sensor for Electric Power Assisted Steering Applications (EPAS)
April  Bourns Announces its Lowest Resistance Battery Strap Resettable Fuse
March  Bourns Expands the Series of Useful Design Documentation on Port Interface Circuit Protection
February  Bourns Announces New Line of Shunt Protectors Designed Specifically for Sensitive LED Lighting Applications
February  Bourns Announces Industry's First ECL Designed to Tolerate AC Mains Power Contact without Damage
January  Bourns Announces Three New Pro Audio Amplifier Potentiometer Design Kits
January  Bourns Releases Five New Instructional Pro-Audio Application Videos
January  Bourns Announces Four New Components for the Design and Assembly of Professional Audio Equipment
December  Bourns Named Preferred Supplier by the Bosch Group
November  Bourns Announces New Multiturn Precision Potentiometer Slip Clutch Option
October  Bourns Announces Audio/Video Potentiometer and Encoder Enhancements at 2010 AES Convention
September  Bourns Announces Circuit Protection TBU® Series that Features a Broad Range of Trigger Currents and Voltages
August  Avnet and Bourns Mark 45-year Milestone
August  Bourns Consolidates North American Automotive Division at New, World-Class Facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan
June  Bourns Announces Industry's First ECL Triggered By Excessive Voltage or Current
June  Bourns First to Develop Simplified One-Page Documentation Series on Port Interface Circuit Protection
June  Bourns Announces New Product Updates to its Innovative Line of Guitar Potentiometers
May  Bourns Awarded 2009 Resistor/Capacitor Commodity Supplier of the Year by Rockwell Collins
April  Bourns Introduces High Current Power Inductors with Advanced Flat Wire Technology for Use in DC/DC Converters
April  Bourns Europe Receives 2009 TTI Supplier Excellence Award
April  Bourns Asia-Pacific Awarded 2009 TTI Supplier Excellence Award
March  Bourns Integrates Two Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient Resettable Fuses into a Single Package
March  Bourns Announces New Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes for Surge and ESD Protection Applications
March  Bourns Adds New Ultra-Low Capacitance Thyristor Surge Protectors to its TISP® Product Line
March  Bourns Announces Circuit Protection Solution for Generator Low-Voltage Control Interfaces
March  Bourns Awarded 2009 TTI Supplier Excellence Award
January  Bourns Announces New Options to its Professional Audio/Video Potentiometers and Custom Series of Guitar Potentiometers
January  Bourns Announces Enhancements to its Industry-Leading Line of Guitar and Audio Potentiometers at 2010 NAMM Show
Bourns, Inc.
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