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- Amulet Technologies is the leader in high-performance embedded Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions. Our core technology enables developers of embedded systems applications to easily enhance their brand by integrating a great looking and robust GUI in both new and legacy products. With Amulet solutions, implementing a GUI can be done in days or weeks, instead of months or years. More...

GEMstudio™, our GUI development software, enables industrial designers to rapidly develop smartphone-like graphical user interfaces. Our Graphical OS™ includes a set of behaviors and functions that eliminate the need for expensive graphic libraries and tedious programming. Amulet’s production solutions include fully-integrated modules, controller boards and chips which can be implemented in a wide range of applications, including medical, industrial, home appliance, etc. Less...

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GEMstarter-kit™ Capacitive 7" ModuleGEMstarter-kit™ Capacitive 7" Module - Amulet Technologies' capacitive 7" GEMstarter-kit includes all the hardware that is needed to create a graphically rich, interactive, and easy-to-use color GUI. With GEMstudio Pro™, Amulet’s GUI design software compatible with this kit, an impressive design can be created that can be portable to production. Connect the GEMstarter-kit, download GEMstudio Pro, and start developing production GUI right away.  More...

More about Amulet

Founded in September 1998
As a privately held, fabless semiconductor company, Amulet invented the Graphic OS in Silicon. This core technology enables developers of Embedded Systems applications to easily enhance their brand by integrating a great looking and graphically robust graphic user interface (GUI). Amulet can bring a product from ordinary to extraordinary by allowing not just the engineers, but the also the marketing team, to design the GUI first-hand. Add value to your product and make it look worth more than your competitors!

Amulet enabled GUIs offload the burden of the GUI from the host embedded processor allowing designers to use less powerful and less expensive micros in new and existing product. Amulet provides a simpler, faster, more flexible method to program GUI's for embedded systems products.

Target Customers
Our customers are developers of embedded systems products that incorporate a graphic user interface. Key vertical markets include medical devices, industrial controls, industrial and home automation, consumer electronics, white goods, test & measurement. The target technology base is embedded applications with graphic user interfaces that use 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors or microcontrollers.

Company Goal
Our goal is to enable our customers to visually create great looking, feature-rich and robust graphics user interfaces rapidly that do not tax the limited resources of 8-bit and 16-bit micros. Amulet allows customers to use tools that enable them to visually create user interfaces that add value, enhance brand awareness and brand affinity in their products. Our solution also provides the OEM with a significantly reduced GUI development cycle by partitioning the GUI and simplifying this traditionally complex and cumbersome task. This radical approach to GUI implementation allows OEMs to add a GUI to existing products and keep their legacy hardware and software."
Amulet Technologies LLC
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