American Electrical, Inc.

- American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) sells Industrial Electrical Components in and around the control enclosure. American Electrical specializes in the Connection, Power and Protection of control circuitry. Most of the product lines offered by American Electrical, Inc. are derived from the application of the DIN Rail. More...

Many of the products simply snap on to the DIN Rail - Terminal Blocks, Fuse Holders, Circuit Breakers, Interface Modules, Disconnect Switches and Wire Ferrules (with associated Tools for crimping) along with Cable Grips to provide strain relief for cables entering the control enclosure. The DIN Rail system allows the end user to quickly install the rail and easily snap on control components - this saves space, time and money - all valuable assets. Utilization of DIN Rail is now the Standard in the Control Products Industry. American Electrical, Inc. is proud to offer its products with and through Digi-Key. Less...

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These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

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  • Cable Grip Overview
1.3MB696KB5 minParts List
  • DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers
2.5MB992KB5 minParts List
  • Junction Box/Hook-Up Enclosure
1.4MB358KB5 minParts List
  • Thermocouple Terminal Blocks
1.7MB750KB5 minParts List
  • Wire Ferrules Overview
1.4MB510KB5 minParts List

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UL Approved and Recognized Safe CircuitsUL Approved and Recognized Safe Circuits - American Electrical's new Safe Circuits product line is the innovative answer for safe, quality wiring connections for up to 20 A (UL) per circuit. They provide a finger-safe, high-quality connection that guarantees personnel safety and protects the assembly from outside objects that can interfere.  More...

Product Information

Cable Grips

AEI's Nylon Cable Grips provide for the maximum Ingress Protection IP rating available today - IP 68. They are International Approved and proven worldwide. The Nylon feature is lightweight and heat and cold resistant, an excellent choice for harsh environments as well as up to 5 BAR water pressure resistant.

Circuit Breakers

AEI offers three different lines of Circuit Breakers, all based on different UL standards - UL 1077, UL 489 and UL 489A. All three lines are only 13mm wide - the thinnest Circuit Breaker offered in the world - this saves much needed space along the DIN Rail and improves the density allowing more product per linear foot to be placed on a Rail assembly.

The UL 1077 breakers are 480VAC breakers that are used for supplemental circuit protection - this means there has to be one other layer of protection between this breaker and the associated load - the breaker cannot "operate" the load. This other layer of protection can be either a fuse or another circuit breaker.

The UL 489 breakers are rated up to 240 VAC and are used for branch circuit protection - this means that the circuit breaker can "operate" the load directly and no other protection is needed between it and the load.

The UL 489A breakers are rated up to 80VDC and are for DC applications only. Like the UL 489 breakers they are used for branch circuit protection.

DIN Rail

AEI has a complete line of DIN Rail - steel with white zinc plating - RoHS compliant and also Aluminum DIN Rail for those applications where weight is a concern.

Disconnect Switches

AEI's disconnect switches are mainly used to isolate equipment and other control components. Many times, transformers or power supplies require a means for isolation - or removal from the control loop - that's exactly what the disconnect switches do. They are three pole - made for three phase power or hot, neutral, ground or plus, minus, ground in DC circuitry - and are sized according to the load requirements.

Interface Modules

If your application requires a plug and play system, then AEI may have just what you are looking for. IDC and D-Subminiature connectors on one side and discrete terminals on the other allowing for quick connections and easy troubleshooting of control systems.

Terminal Blocks

AEI offers a high quality, reliable, internationally approved DIN Rail mounted Terminal Block series for less than the competition. The PEK series presents a vibration proof screw clamp design available in feed through, fuse, disconnect or ground versions.

Wire Ferrules

If you are using Terminal Blocks or other IEC components like relays, fuse blocks or circuit breakers you may need to secure the ends of your wire and cable with a ferrule. A wire ferrule offers mechanical stability to the ends of wires - which ensures a low resistance contact in the control component. When ferrules are used, they prevent the wire from splaying and enhance the connection to the device. Ferrules are available in insulated and non-insulated versions.
Insulated Non-Insulated Twin
Assortments Slide Box Strip and Reel

Wire Ferrule Crimping Tools

AEI has a complete line of tools to crimp from 28 AWG all the way up to 300MCM. Please see our line of ergonomic and economic tools to satisfy all your crimping needs. We have hand held and pneumatic tools for specifically crimping wire ferrules.
More about American Electrical, Inc.

American Electrical, Inc. is a provider of high quality Industrial Interconnect products, Power Supplies and Circuit Protection devices - Connection, Power and Protection is what we do. Our slogan: "Think Inside the Box" is to provide the Interconnect Electrical components for your Industrial machine or process control systems within your control enclosure.

Core Beliefs

We have an acronym we call "FAST" that has both a true and underlying meaning. Of course the underlying message to our customers is that we try to do things as quickly as possible. Whether that’s a quotation, price check, availability question, shipping or information request – we do it now – we know and understand that there are eager customers or potential customers waiting on us and their time is as valuable as ours.

Secondarily, our word FAST has a definitive meaning:

F – To be Flexible in our ability to serve the customer, to be able to effectively wear the different “hats” that are required in a smaller organization and to have the customers’ service issues in mind at all times.

A – To be Accurate in everything we do – from specification to delivery. We understand the consequences of mistakes and the domino effect they can have on the practices of our customers and our combined businesses. Mistakes cost money and time. We seek the proper training to insure that we follow the correct procedures and have the product knowledge necessary to be correct. We know that we need to do it right all the time to eliminate the necessity to do it over.

S – To act with Speed in all that we do. We know the customer waits for our response or our products and we do not need to waste that time – for we understand that time is money. We want to be able to ship today, quote and specify now, fax immediately, confirm orders on receipt – respond NOW. For we know that this will win our customers’ support and future business and trust.

T – To act as a Team so that our effort is multiplied to produce a much greater result for our customers. To have the positive attitude that is so common in winners. The understanding that people want to be winners and work with winners – with people who are successful not only in what they do but how they work together. We are a Team who acts as one on behalf of our dedicated customers, whom we would be nothing without.
American Electrical, Inc.
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