Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc.

- Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc., or AOS, is a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors, including a wide portfolio of Power MOSFET and Power IC products. AOS seeks to differentiate itself by integrating its expertise in device physics, process technology, design and advanced packaging to optimize product performance and cost, and its product portfolio is designed to meet the ever increasing power efficiency requirements in high volume applications, including portable computers, flat panel TVs, battery packs, portable media players and power supplies. 

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AOC24xx FamilyAOC24xx Family - Alpha and Omega offers low on-resistance 8 V, 20 V, and 30 V MOSFETs in the ultra-thin molded chip scale package (MCSP). The MCSP packaging technology offers AOS's low on-resistance MOSFET silicon in a protective Green (halogen-free) molding compound.  More...

AOS Common-Drain MOSFETsAOS Common-Drain MOSFETs - Alpha and Omega offers the dual-MOSFET family in the common-drain configuration in both DFN 5 x 6 and Micro-DFN 3.2 x 2 packages. These devices are suitable for battery pack applications where two N-channel MOSFETs are connected back-to-back for safe charging and discharging, as well as voltage protection. The products provide ultra-low Rss(source-to-source resistance) of less than 10 mΩ at 10 V gate drive. AON6810, AON6812 and AOC4810 provide ideal solutions for enhancing battery pack performance in the latest generation Ultrabooks and tablets, where low conduction loss is a must for optimizing battery life.  More...

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc. is committed to excellence in design, manufacturing, and responsiveness to our customers through the continued development of new technologies, products and innovative solutions. We bring to the market devices designed to benefit our customers by meeting their product specific needs. Our mission is to bring value to our customers, shareholders and employees.

We pride ourselves in our expertise in all areas of power semiconductor technology and business operations. We install proprietary wafer processing and packaging technologies at partner foundries to facilitate the design and manufacture of advanced power products. With our knowledge and experience we improve the manufacturing capabilities of the sub micron foundries and enable high performance products to reach the marketplace.
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc.
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