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- For over 80 years Acme Electric has been providing Magnetic Product solutions to a broad spectrum of industries. Built on a reputation of superior quality, service and technical expertise, Acme is regarded as a true industry leader. More...

Acme Electric goes to market with three leader brands, Amveco, Acme Electric, and Actown. Under the Amveco Brand an offering of highly efficient Toroidal Transformers and Inductors are offered. These include, Low Profile PC Mount, Medical Grade, and Current Transformers. The Actown Brand is an offering of Customized High Frequency Magnetics that include product that is small enough to fit into a pen cap. The Acme Electric Brand is a line of Power Distribution and Power Quality Products. This brand includes Power Conditioners and Transformers (Industrial Control, Energy Efficient, Buck-Boost, Drive Isolation, and Harmonic Mitigating).

Our vast product selection and manufacturing capabilities can offer you the magnetic solution to meet your design/project requirements without compromise. Less...

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Safety Information

AMVECO Magnetics, Inc. proudly holds Certificates from both North American and International Safety Standard Testing Laboratories in addition to having its factories certified to ISO 9001. More Information...

Technical Notes

Power Toroid Technical Information
Temperature Rise Considerations
Voltage Drop
Stray Field
Toroid Efficiency
Line Frequency
Applying Toroids to Rectifier Power Supplies
Comparison Data Finish
Physical Size & Loss Data of Custom Toroids to 12 KVA
Toroidal Mounting Methods
Considerations When Using Toroidal Power Transformers
More about Acme Electric/Amveco/Actown

Acme Electric Acme Electric has earned the reputation for the manufacture of high quality products backed by superior customer service. To demonstrate this commitment to quality Acme Electric is an ISO 9000 certified manufacturer and has recently adopted a company wide Six Sigma philosophy of continuous improvement.

As an ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer, Acme Electric has adopted a specific, proven quality management system. The Lumberton, NC facility has been ISO Certified since 1995 and in May of 2003 upgraded to the new ISO 9001-2000 Standard. This certification expands beyond manufacturing to include also customer service. The facility in Monterrey, Mexico operates under the same practices of ISO 9001-2000.

In 2002 Acme Electric initiated training of key personnel in Six Sigma. This core team of trained personnel is the driving force behind Acme's doctrine and goal of continuous improvement.

With this commitment to quality Acme has positioned itself to be the premiere supplier of quality products to meet the demanding needs of today's marketplace while adapting to the dynamic changes of tomorrow.

Amveco Amveco is a leading supplier of toroidal power components to a diverse array of OEM customers. The business is headquartered in Houston, TX and operates a manufacturing facility in Matamoras, Mexico.
Amveco’s product offering complements the Company’s Acme Electric Division’s power conversion product line “Acme.”

Amveco is the industry leader for large toroidal transformers and its reputation for quality and delivery fit well with Acme’s product offering. Combined, Acme and Amveco will be able to offer unequaled service and product range to our customers.

Actown Actown began as a coil-winding house in 1952 and operated as such for ten years. In parallel, another winding company, Electrocoil, Incorporated was operating in Libertyville, IL.

In 1962, the two companies merged to form Actown-Electrocoil, Inc. At this point, they were only in the coil winding business, primarily producing product for companies in the fractional horsepower motor business.

In 1976, David Weisberg purchased Actown-Electrocoil, Inc. The new thrust of the company was to be in the transformer market. Actown used the existing coil production equipment as a base and built connecting, assembly, and encapsulating departments to meet the needs of the transformer industry.

Actown-Electrocoil, Inc. began to build an organization based on engineering and following quickly with production, sales, finance, and quality assurance disciplines. This new company began to serve such diverse industries as telecommunications, commercial lighting, aerospace instrumentation, welding controls, industrial process controls, and air and water purification. In 1986, Actown developed its first neon transformer and this line has grown into a major thrust of the company.

In 1996, Actown purchased Industrial Coils, a coil manufacturing company located in Baraboo, WI. The company's strengths were in heavy-duty industrial coils, transfer molding, and encapsulation processes. The marriage has been successful for both groups due to the combined customer base and growth in technology capabilities.

In 1998, Actown Electrocoil Inc. was acquired by the North American Fund III, one of the North American Funds. North American Funds specializes in acquiring, or making controlling investments in, small businesses and then providing significant equity capital to support growth. They have successfully acquired and grown eighteen companies in a wide variety of industries since 1989. This relationship has been a very beneficial one for Actown and Industrial Coils.
Acme Electric/Amveco/Actown
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