APM Hexseal

- "The world’s most hostile environments are our proving grounds”…has been the APM Hexseal mission and motto since 1947 when APM first developed its line of switch and circuit breaker,  high-pressure, sealing boots for the U.S Navy. APM’s highly IP Rated seals are designed to meet MIL-B-5423, are UL Recognized, and millions have been used extensively in avionics, instrumentation, communications, construction, marine, medical, and industrial and process industries. APM also offers a full line of UL recognized self-sealing fasteners & washers for panel, electrical NEMA enclosure and other related systems requiring sealing to 20,000psig that are also impervious to a wide range of corrosive liquids and gases. 

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  • Circuit Breaker Boots
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  • Environmental Switch Sealing Products
1.9MB268KB5 minParts List
  • Sealing Fasteners and Washers
3.5MB440KB10 minParts List

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More about APM Hexseal

APM HEXSEAL® is an internationally recognized brand name;  prominently associated with inventing two important environmental sealing categories;  switch and circuit breaker elastomeric sealing boot (covers), and self-sealing  “Dry” embedded O-Ring/insert fasteners. APM holds over 100 patents (the newest, pending for the IQ1030  toggle switch sealing boot which features a round base and simple, quick installation capability).  The IQ1030 boot was a finalist in the Design News magazine 2009 Golden Mousetrap Contest. HEXSEAL® sealing boots which were developed in the late 1940’s for the U.S. military in order to protect and prolong the operational  life  (100,000+ actuations) of sensitive controls that operate in extremely harsh environments throughout the world.  All meet MIL-DTL-5423 specifications, are IP66/68 ingress rated and are UL Recognized. Today there are over 5,000 HEXSEAL part numbers matching most popular switch, potentiometer and circuit breakers. Over 50 million HEXSEALS  have been installed throughout  the world  by more than 200,000 OEM and MROs. This puts APM in a class by themselves.  Many are stocked here at DigiKey for immediate domestic and international  shipment.

The APM Fastening Sealing Division manufactures an extensive line of stainless steel, self-sealing screws, bolts, rivets, nuts and self-sealing high-pressure washers that are used extensively in a wide range of applications where gas or liquids are under pressure (vacuum) up to 20,000psi. Unlike liquid sealants, these “dry” self-sealing fasteners can be reused  many times, making them ideal for field servicing.  Because no chemicals are used, there is no concern about employees breathing sealant- vapors during component assembly and,  therefore, no environmental disposal problems.  All APM products have always been green.

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New GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Breaker Sealing Boot Detects Lower Level Ground Faults to Prevent Fires
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Circuit Breaker Sealing Boots
Panel Bushing Seal for Sealed Switches/Circuit Breakers
APM Hexseal
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