AKM Semiconductor, Inc.

- AKM Semiconductor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), Tokyo, Japan. AKMS, located in San Jose, California offers sales, marketing, and design support for North American customers. AKM designs and manufactures CMOS mixed signal integrated circuits for applications including audio, multimedia, data storage, and telecommunications. 

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CQ3301 and CQ3303 Coreless Current SensorCQ3301 and CQ3303 Coreless Current Sensor - AKM's CQ-3301 and CQ-3303 are open-type current sensors using a Hall sensor which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current. Quantum's ultra-thin-film Indium Arsenide (InAs) is used as the Hall sensor, which enables high-accuracy and high-speed current sensing. The coreless surface-mount package realizes the space-savings.  Más...

AK4495 32-Bit Stereo DACAK4495 32-Bit Stereo DAC - AKM’s AK4495 is high performance 32-bit stereo DAC that achieves 123 dB dynamic range for stereo and 126 dB for mono outputs (with optional 7 V analog power supply). An internal circuit includes newly developed 32-bit digital filters for better sound quality, achieving low distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range.  Más...

AKM Semiconductor, Inc.

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AKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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