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FCI / Airmax VS®

This tutorial will present the AirMax VS® product family and describe some of the unique advantages to a shieldless high speed connector. We will review the signal connector features, product availability, and AirMax VS accessories.

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Related Parts

ImageDigi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailableMinimum QuantityUnit Price
10037908-101LF609-2100-ND10037908-101LFCONN ACCY 7.2MM GUIDE BLADE EXT013.33000
10037909-101lf609-2101-ND10037909-101LFCONN ACCY 7.2MM GUIDE MOD RT ANG115414.34000
10037911-101LF609-2102-ND10037911-101LFCONN ACCY 10.7MM GUIDE PIN VERT04802.52858
10037912-101LF609-2103-ND10037912-101LFCONN ACCY 10.7MM GUIDE MOD R/A27015.00000
10044314-101LF609-2106-ND10044314-101LFCONN ACCY 7.2MM GUIDE BLADE CO53314.02000
10045367-101LF609-2107-ND10045367-101LFCONN ACCY 7.2MM GUIDE SOCKET08102.63252
10045368-101LF609-2108-ND10045368-101LFCONN ACCY 7.2MM GUIDE PIN06502.26746
10016537-101LF609-2088-ND10016537-101LFCONN RECEPT 150POS 2MM VERT PCB113115.71000
10025613-101LF609-2089-ND10025613-101LFCONN HEADER 150POS 2MM R/A PCB180118.47000
10028916-4555P00LF609-2090-ND10028916-4555P00LFCONN RECEPT POWER 4POS VERT PCB140919.69000
10028917-001LF609-2091-ND10028917-001LFCONN HEADER PWR 4POS 2MM R/A PCB23718.22000
10034249-101LF609-2092-ND10034249-101LFCONN HEADER 90POS 2MM R/A PCB241114.80000
10034251-101LF609-2093-ND10034251-101LFCONN RECEPT 90POS 2MM VERT PCB847112.04000
10034475-101LF609-2094-ND10034475-101LFCONN RECEPT 150POS 2MM R/A PCB131118.96000
10035146-101lf609-2095-ND10035146-101LFCONN RECEPT 150POS 3MM VERT PCB339115.71000
10035465-101LF609-2096-ND10035465-101LFCONN RECEPT 120POS 3MM VERT PCB018014.53217
10037324-101LF609-2099-ND10037324-101LFCONN HEADER 150POS 3MM R/A PCB107118.47000
10039851-101LF609-2104-ND10039851-101LFCONN HEADER 54POS 2MM R/A PCB25019.28000
10043546-101LF609-2105-ND10043546-101LFCONN RECEPT 54POS 2MM VERT PCB75017.87000
10052620-4444p00lf609-2109-ND10052620-4444P00LFCONN RECEPT POWER 4POS R/A PCB36318.07000

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