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Littelfuse / High Power TVS Diode

This module will look at the key performance parameters of these devices, note their unique benefits, and will discuss how TVS Diodes are used to protect AC power lines.

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Related Parts

ImageDigi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailableMinimum QuantityUnit Price
AK10 SeriesAK10-076C-NDAK10-076CTVS DIODE 76VWM 140VC AXIAL80138.55000
AK10 SeriesAK10-430C-NDAK10-430CTVS DIODE 430VWM 625VC AXIAL1531142.24000
AK15 SeriesAK15-058C-NDAK15-058CTVS DIODE 58VWM 110VC AXIAL132146.25000
AK15 SeriesAK15-076C-NDAK15-076CTVS DIODE 76VWM 150VC AXIAL126151.00000
AK6 SeriesAK6-076C-NDAK6-076CTVS DIODE 76VWM 140VC AXIAL78133.51000
AK6 SeriesAK6-170C-NDAK6-170CTVS DIODE 170VWM 260VC AXIAL26148.64000
AK6 SeriesAK6-190C-NDAK6-190CTVS DIODE 190VWM 290VC AXIAL53148.68000
AK6 SeriesAK6-240C-NDAK6-240CTVS DIODE 240VWM 340VC AXIAL48158.08000
AK6 SeriesAK6-380C-NDAK6-380CTVS DIODE 380VWM 520VC AXIAL108193.03000
AK6 SeriesAK6-430C-NDAK6-430CTVS DIODE 430VWM 625VC AXIAL66193.03000
AK3 SERIESF4229-NDAK3-058CTVS DIODE 58VWM 110VC AXIAL49120.00000
AK3 SERIESF4231-NDAK3-076CTVS DIODE 76VWM 140VC AXIAL68122.00000
AK3 SERIESF4232-NDAK3-380CTVS DIODE 380VWM 520VC AXIAL74156.10000
AK3 SERIESF4233-NDAK3-430CTVS DIODE 430VWM 625VC AXIAL45159.50000
AK10 SeriesF5936-NDAK10-170CTVS DIODE 170VWM 260VC AXIAL108166.84000
AK10 SeriesF5937-NDAK10-240CTVS DIODE 240VWM 340VC AXIAL104183.66000
AK10 SeriesF5938-NDAK10-380CTVS DIODE 380VWM 520VC AXIAL991135.77000
AK6 SeriesF5939-NDAK6-058CTVS DIODE 58VWM 110VC AXIAL151129.52000
AK6 SeriesAK6-030C-NDAK6-030CTVS AXIAL KA RATED 6KA 30V BI05620.40000

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