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Volgen/Division of Kaga Electronics USA / External Adapters Overview

This tutorial will cover external wall and desktop adapters, their differences, their advantages, Energy Star level V efficiency criteria and the available product line from Kaga Electronics/Volgen.

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Related Parts

ImageDigi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailableMinimum QuantityUnit Price
KTPS24-MP SERIES62-1113-NDKTPS24-05040MPPLUG WALL ADPT 5V 4A 24W ULAC352119.62000
KTPS24-MP SERIES62-1114-NDKTPS24-06035MPPLUG ADPT 5.9V 3.5A 24W ULAC295119.62000
KTPS24-MP SERIES62-1115-NDKTPS24-09025MPPLUG WALL ADPT 9V 2.5A 24W ULAC322119.62000
KTPS24-MP SERIES62-1116-NDKTPS24-12020MPPLUG WALL ADPT 12V 2A 24W ULAC410119.62000
KTPS24-MP SERIES62-1117-NDKTPS24-15016MPPLUG WALL ADPT 15V 1.6A 24W ULAC100119.62000
KTPS24-MP SERIES62-1118-NDKTPS24-24010MPPLUG WALL ADPT 24V 1A 24W ULAC664119.62000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1119-NDKTPS24-05040WAPLUG WALL ADPT 5V 4A 24W US768118.88000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1120-NDKTPS24-09025WAPLUG WALL ADPT 9V 2.5A 24W US199118.88000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1121-NDKTPS24-12020WAPLUG WALL ADPT 12V 2A 24W US795118.88000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1122-NDKTPS24-15016WAPLUG WALL ADPT 15V 1.6A 24W US050012.55520
KTPS10-09012WA62-1123-NDKTPS24-24010WAPLUG WALL ADPT 24V 1A 24W US52118.88000
KPTS24 SERIES62-1124-NDKTPS24-0540DT 2PDESKTOP 5V 4A 24W CEC 2PIN241120.92000
KPTS24 SERIES62-1125-NDKTPS24-0925DT 2PDESKTOP 9V 2.5A 24W CEC 2PIN050013.91180
KPTS24 SERIES62-1126-NDKTPS24-1220DT 2PDESKTOP 12V 2A 24W CEC 2PIN351120.92000
KPTS24 SERIES62-1127-NDKTPS24-1516DT 2PDESKTOP 15V 1.6A 24W CEC 2PIN050013.91180
KPTS24 SERIES62-1128-NDKTPS24-2410DT 2PDESKTOP 24V 1A 24W CEC 2PIN403120.92000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1129-NDKTPS10-03320WAPLUG WALL ADPT 3.3V 2A 10W US737111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1130-NDKTPS10-0452WAPLUG WALL ADPT 4.5V 2A 10W US97111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1131-NDKTPS10-05020WAPLUG WALL ADPT 5V 2A 10W US1641111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1132-NDKTPS10-06020WAPLUG WALL ADPT 6V 2A 10W US457111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1133-NDKTPS10-09012WAPLUG WALL ADPT 9V 1.2A 10W US671111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1134-NDKTPS10-12010WAPLUG WALL ADPT 12V 1A 10W US131111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1135-NDKTPS10-15008WAPLUG WALL ADPT 15V 0.8A 10W US263111.77000
KTPS10-09012WA62-1136-NDKTPS10-24005WAPLUG WALL ADPT 24V 0.5A 10W US973111.77000

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