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TE Connectivity's Aerospace Defense and Marine brand products / Connectors: Tinel-Lock Connector Adapters and Rings

This tutorial will describe the Tinel-Lock family products, and discuss the features and benefits of using the adapters and rings. Also, there will be an overview of the fast and reliable three-step assembly process.

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ImageDigi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailableMinimum QuantityUnit Price
TXR40AB00-0804AIA101194-NDTXR40AB00-0804AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 9, A181124.13000
TXR40AB00-1006AIA101195-NDTXR40AB00-1006AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 11, B221124.13000
TXR40AB00-1008AIA101196-NDTXR40AB00-1008AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 11, B51160.53000
TXR40AB00-1206AIA101197-NDTXR40AB00-1206AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 13, C81126.72000
TXR40AB00-1406AIA101199-NDTXR40AB00-1406AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 15, D331129.37000
TXR40AB00-1408AIA101200-NDTXR40AB00-1408AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 15, D221129.37000
TXR40AB00-1410AIA101201-NDTXR40AB00-1410AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 15, D191129.37000
TXR40AB00-1608AIA101202-NDTXR40AB00-1608AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 17, E151131.95000
TXR40AB00-1610AIA101203-NDTXR40AB00-1610AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 17, E161131.95000
TXR40AB00-1612AIA101204-NDTXR40AB00-1612AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 17, E171131.95000
TXR40AB00-1810AIA101205-NDTXR40AB00-1810AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 19, F121134.52000
TXR40AB00-1812AIA101206-NDTXR40AB00-1812AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 19, F81134.52000
TXR40AB00-1814AIA101207-NDTXR40AB00-1814AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 19, F131179.70000
TXR40AB00-2012AIA101208-NDTXR40AB00-2012AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 21, G211137.11000
TXR40AB00-2014AIA101209-NDTXR40AB00-2014AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 21, G251137.11000
TXR40AB00-2016AIA101210-NDTXR40AB00-2016AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 21, G171137.11000
TXR40AB00-2214AIA101211-NDTXR40AB00-2214AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 23, H131139.62000
TXR40AB00-2216AIA101212-NDTXR40AB00-2216AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 23, H191139.62000
TXR40AB00-2218AIA101213-NDTXR40AB00-2218AIADPT TINEL LOCK STR SHELL 23, H291139.62000
TXR40AB90-0804AIA101214-NDTXR40AB90-0804AIADPT TINEL LOCK ANG SHELL 9, A411180.75000
TXR40AB90-1006AIA101215-NDTXR40AB90-1006AIADPT TINEL LOCK R/A SHELL 11, B211180.75000
TXR40AB90-1208AIA101216-NDTXR40AB90-1208AIADPT TINEL LOCK R/A SHELL 13, C171185.07000
TXR40AB90-1410AIA101217-NDTXR40AB90-1410AIADPT TINEL LOCK ANG SHELL 15, D231189.48000

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