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Linear Technology / µModule: LTM802x High Voltage μModule Switching Regulators

This module will explain the advantages of the µModule technology, overview their electrical specifications, demonstrate typical circuits, and provide additional design resources.

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ImageDigi-Key Part NumberManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailableMinimum QuantityUnit Price
21-LGA; 05-08-1803LTM8020EV#PBF-NDLTM8020EV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 200MA 21-LGA2054110.55000
21-LGA; 05-08-1803LTM8020IV#PBF-NDLTM8020IV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 200MA 21-LGA318111.63000
21-LGA; 05-08-1803LTM8020MPV#PBF-NDLTM8020MPV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 200MA 21-LGA30117.33000
35-LGA; 05-08-1805LTM8021EV#PBF-NDLTM8021EV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 500MA 35-LGA1166112.49000
35-LGA; 05-08-1805LTM8021IV#PBF-NDLTM8021IV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 500MA 35-LGA1869113.74000
50-LGA_05-08-1804 rev BLTM8022EV#PBF-NDLTM8022EV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 1A 50-LGA948114.85000
50-LGA_05-08-1804 rev BLTM8022IV#PBF-NDLTM8022IV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 1A 50-LGA761116.33000
50-LGA_05-08-1804 rev BLTM8022MPV#PBF-NDLTM8022MPV#PBFIC DC/DC UMODULE 1A 50-LGA473124.32000
50-LGA_05-08-1804 rev BLTM8023EV#PBF-NDLTM8023EV#PBFIC BUCK SYNC ADJ 2A 50LGA3366116.98000
50-LGA_05-08-1804 rev BLTM8023IV#PBF-NDLTM8023IV#PBFIC BUCK SYNC ADJ 2A 50LGA587118.67000
50-LGA_05-08-1804 rev BLTM8023MPV#PBF-NDLTM8023MPV#PBFIC BUCK SYNC ADJ 2A 50LGA0127.80000

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